Friday, August 7, 2009

Ninja Warrior, here I come!

Ok everyone. I thought, in my last month in the United States, that I should outline a little bit of my trip for you in the hopes that by pointing out myself on a map, you will be able to more deeply connect yourselves with my experience. Er, something like that.

So what we have here is a lovely map of the country of Japan. Sadly, no one in the cartography business seems to care very much for the city of Hikone, even though they have a super sweet castle. Well, see Nagoya to the left of Tokyo? Yeah, that is the airport I will be flying in to. There is a giant lake in the center of Japan called Lake Biwa. My town is situated on the eastern coast of Lake Biwa.

In a crappy Microsoft Paint map of this lake, you can see the red dot that is Hikone. This lake is beautifully recreated in the above map as the pointy blue speck to the left of Nagoya. With these two pictures, I hope you get a fairly decent idea of where I will spend my next six months. So grab your kimono and your favorite Studio Ghibli movie; we are going to Japan!


  1. The notion of Japanese prefectures is something that has always struck me as one of those many things that I don't know anything about but never bothered to be curious about in spite of the fact we live in an information age where with a few clicks I can learn more than I ever thought possible about such minute details of life and/or see more animated .gifs of Japanese tentacle rape porn than I'll ever be able to expunge from my brain. So I went and learned some trivia.

    "Prefecture" in the Japanese sense is an approximate translation of a Japanese word that Blogspot won't let me copy-paste here because it's a xenophobic, racist website with shoddy code (truth). Therefore, the Japanese do not really have "prefects" as the Romans had prefects, but that fact is irrelevant in the face of this question:

    Do you think a Japanese prefect could stand up to a Roman prefect? Or even a Greek prefect (we have them, too)? I think an ahistorical cage match is in order!

    - Steven

  2. Hi Kelly! Furao and I miss you. I like to think that you are fleeing the country so I don't break you! hehehe I'm gonna keep thinking that 'cause it makes it so much more exciting! Hope tingys are good.
    Quebra and Furao...aka Robbie :p