Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Super exciting amusement world

This is a little synopsis of how I have been since last posting. Fantastic. I have even been to a festival in Kyoto now, see Facebook pictures, and had an absolutely wonderful time there. My Buddhism class has started and my professor is super cool. Often, he makes references to John Lennon or someone like that and sings some of their songs to himself during class. It is super easy; I don't do any of the reading and I follow along just fine. There is also only one assignment which is a paper at the end of the term. Otherwise, there are four field trips and we only meet once per week. I wish American classes were like that. Oh, and he also invited me to go to the horse track with him this Sunday and bet on some horses. That will be a very interesting experience; I'm pretty excited.

I also have some sad news for all you devoted followers of my study abroad happenings: my smaller point-and-shoot camera will not properly connect to my computer and I am sad to say that you will have to wait until I return to America in February before you can see the first few pictures of Japan. But, you are all big boys and girls. You can handle it.

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